montage (mon-tähzh') [from French, monter to mount; Fr., a mounting, setting together], noun 1. a) the art or technique of combining elements of two or more pictures imposed upon a single background to give a unified effect; b) a picture so made. 2. any combination of disparate elements that forms or is felt to form a unified whole, single image. verb (used with object) to make or incorporate into a montage.

Client Reviews:

Genki Bar Foods Inc.
Theresa Le Sliworsky, President and Founder

"Understanding the target market and what we wanted is key in designing materials. Montage's background in sports, energy, and creative know how made it easy for us to work with them. They always went the extra mile for us. We are very pleased with their work and performance."

Manitoba Chicken Producers
Karen Armstrong, Registered Dietitian, Assistant Manager

"Manitoba Chicken Producers has worked with Montage for over 15 years. They always take time at the beginning of a project to fully understand the design objectives and how it will be used. As a result, they deliver excellent work that very rarely ever need revisions. I highly recommend working with Susanne and Barry."

Misericordia Health Centre Foundation
Patti Smith, CFRE, Executive Director

"At Misericordia Health Centre Foundation we are delighted to have found Montage Design. From the very first meeting we believed that Susanne was interested and committed to understanding our needs and our plans and from that creating something beautiful and fresh to assist us with communicating those things. Montage Design was sensitive and respectful of the existing pieces of design that we wanted to keep while adding something to stand alone for our Future of Care campaign. We are delighted with the end product. Susanne and Barry have made our process simple, cost effective and on budget, on time, interesting and thoughtful. They have asked for our input and provided guidance all the way through each and every piece. Our partnership is enhancing the work that our Foundation is doing on behalf of Misericordia Health Centre. Thank you."

Churchill Northern Studies Centre
Michael A. Goodyear, Executive Director

"Montage Design does good work. Period. They understand the needs and challenges of small and medium sized business and go out of their way to treat clients not just as customers, but as friends."

Bijou Fine Jewellery
Léonie Coulson, Co-owner, Jewellery Designer

"We have been working with Montage Design since the start of our business. They helped us with the original branding of our company and have seen us along the way as we have grown. Finding the right designers wasn't easy. We needed the right people who could understand us, our business, and the vision for our company. Susanne, is amazing, so positive, full of great ideas, and always willing to work very hard to help us meet deadlines and budgets. Barry's style and simplicity are really shown in his work. I am always amazed at what he can produce with the inspiration we give him. Together this team makes sure that their clients' design needs are met, and that the work is always wonderful. We still get compliments on our business cards every time a new customer picks one up."

Friends of Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Dr. Aubie Angel, President, Friends of CIHR

Friends of CIHR has had a wonderful experience with Montage Design in the preparation of posters, programs and other promotional materials for over a decade. Their originality and impact have been consistent and a source of many compliments from our members and the wider health research community. Their design expertise is exceeded only by their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. The organization is a pleasure to deal with at a personal level and Friends of CIHR endorses Montage Design with confidence.

University of Winnipeg
Sandra Kirby, PhD Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Dean of Graduate Studies

We have used the services of Montage Design for a number of projects, including designing the "look and feel" of the new Graduate Studies Faculty at the University of Winnipeg. Susanne and her team are creative, consistent, timely, professional... and fun to work with. The final outcomes are stellar and have a long design life. There is always a challenge in working with Montage Design. They lead and we follow - anticipating questions before we even know what to ask.

Montage Design knows "the big secret". They fully understand what we need, and only then do they do the creative work on each project. The highest possible marks to Montage Design - I have recommended several others to them for their design needs.