montage (mon-tähzh') [from French, monter to mount; Fr., a mounting, setting together], noun 1. a) the art or technique of combining elements of two or more pictures imposed upon a single background to give a unified effect; b) a picture so made. 2. any combination of disparate elements that forms or is felt to form a unified whole, single image. verb (used with object) to make or incorporate into a montage.

About Us:

Founded in the early 1980's, Montage Design is a small Winnipeg-based graphic design studio established on the philosophy that clients appreciate working one-on-one with a creative designer. Over the years, we have maintained that 'small studio' feel and have applied our love of design into every assignment. All of our projects focus on communication with our clients to spark and inspire the creation of a visual voice tailored to their specific requirements. Our specialty is identity development and collateral. Our expertise is listening to our customers. Our passion is creating strong products that meet our clients' design needs.